Insulated Concrete Forms
With the recent price volatility of natural gas and oil and with the predictions of skyrocketing prices to come, are you more concerned with energy efficiency than ever before?

With recent huuricane and tornado disasters, and after decades of blackouts, storms and voilent windstorms, are you concerned with household safety and durability than ever before? read more...

Project: Dundurn
Project: Dundurn
Project: Fields
Project: Legalett
Hot Air Slabs
Legalett supplies air-heated floors for residential,retirements homes,schools, daycare facilites, churches,commercial and industrial buildings.

This engineered stryofoam/concrete slab foundation can be used anywhere for any design. read more...

Project: Old Age Home
Project: Insul-Deck
Panel Forms

Insul-Deck is a styrofoam form panel which allows you to create a cast in place re-inforced concrete slab that can reach a clear span of up to 40 feet.

Most commonly used to create rooms under garages for game/media rooms, commercial construction for multi storey buildings, custom home floors see radiant floor heat placed in this clearspan floor, free standing balconies overhangs on boathouses, houses. read more...

Project: Hambro
Project: Hambro
Composite Concrete Forms
Hambro designs, fabricates and markets a proven concrete floor system designed primarily for the multi-unit residential construction market.

Hambro’s concrete floor system fits perfectly with a variety of wall types: Masonry, steel frame, metal stud, pre-cast walls, ICF blocks and wood walls. read more...